ASP.NET Development

Microsoft .NET platform is the most preferred platform by developers and organizations when it comes to develop a reliable, secure, and scalable web applications. For web application development, Microsoft has overhauled the existing ASP.NET structure and introduced a more simplified and robust version called ASP.NET MVC.

ASP.NET MVC is an open-source, web application framework which allows the creation of modules separately. We can develop separate sections of a whole system and combine them to make the system fully functional. MVC stands for Model, View and Controller. It is a widely-used architecture that divides the entire system into said three parts. It segregates the business layer, data layer, and presentation layer efficiently and helps to create clean coding architecture.

Advantages of ASP.Net

  • Easy integration with client-side frameworks and libraries including Angular, React etc.
  • Features to build web APIs and web apps
  • Full control over the rendered HTML
  • Lightweight applications can be build which works with multiple platforms
  • Enhanced deployment features
  • Cross platform compatibility

PHP / Open Source Development

Presence on internet and developing a website is a priority in this digital era to your business. Designing and Development are the steps that are important. PHP, a general purpose scripting language mostly commonly used for Website and Web Application Development and to make dynamic pages and applications. It is said that it is one of the most commonly used programming language for the Web industry.

Advantages of PHP Development

  • PHP supports database management system and open source databases
  • Having no of Frameworks and CMS
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • Runs on most of web servers and platforms like Linux and windows
  • Compatible with open source software integration
  • Free and Efficient in performance
  • Backboned by open community support and Guideline

AngularJS Development

To build dynamic website or application, you need the strong foundation backed by robust framework. Angular JS is developed and managed by Google and is powerful JavaScript Framework which is mostly used in Single Page Applications. It helps to create rich web user interfaces and browser based web applications. Angular JS delivers well-structured apps by leveraging the latest technologies AR, VR, IoT, iBeacon, Blockchain. Angular JS enables to extend HTML for your web application and thus providing an environment which is extraordinary expressive and quick to develop. You can use Angular JS as a set of tools for creating the framework that is most suitable for your web app development. Angular JS works nicely with other libraries and allows features to be replaced or customized according to the unique development workflow.

Advantages of Angular Js

  • Fast and Easy development
  • Reusability of HTML components
  • Better readability of code due to encapsulation
  • REST friendly framework
  • MV* Support
  • Trouble free unit testing

Node JS Development

Node JS is one of the most popular technologies for developing web apps for variety of reasons like Speed, Ease and Versatility. Based on Javascript runtime, Node.js is an open source, event driven and non-blocking I/O model which provides highly scalable platform. By using Node JS you can easily build fast, scalable network applications and real time web applications because it is able to handle more concurrent user requests easily. It eliminates the RAM boundaries and fully capable of handling multiple client apps. Due to this and its I/O model the top brands like LinkedIn, Twitter, eBay and others prefer Node JS development.

Advantages of Node JS

  • Speed, scalability
  • Better control over data due to Restful APIs
  • Strong presence in IOT, connected devices and real time web applications
  • Along with Angular JS, it delivers robust solutions for enterprises
  • High loads are not a problem
  • Community friendly and widely presented

UI UX Design Services

We are Aark Infosoft based out of Ahmedabad, India who helps its global clients to grow for online businesses through unique and economical designing solutions for mobile and web platform. We specialize in front-end design and offering comprehensive designing solutions for websites, mobile applications and software. Our office is located in Ahmedabad’s with quality resources, tools and technologies to provide unmatched front-end web & mobile design and development services and solutions with time saving & result oriented process.

Web UI Design

we had delivered our web and mobile solutions and you should know what makes us different before choose us for your website design and website development project.

  • Dedicated staff for Professional Graphic Development
  • Innovative web solutions under your budget
  • Listen to Clients and their innovative thoughts
  • Comprehensive Response, Better Client Communication and Great Support
  • We are Responsive and Create Responsive and Custom Sites and Apps
  • Website Re-Designing with Guarantee
  • Specialize in HTML, CSS, JS

Mobile UI Design

We are professional and passionate about UI and UX design services and gives commitment for superior user experience and user interface design by our innovative ideas and process.

We Are So Good At

  • User Experience Consulting Service
  • Extra focus on lasting impression and positive impact
  • UI & UX Design for web, software, mobile app and ecommerce
  • UI & UX Designers with best skills in CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript
  • Research & Strategy as per your business goals for profile

Blockchain Development

We, at Aark Infosoft has carved a niche in the field of blockchain app development by creating, deploying custom decentralized blockchain application and infrastructure support to be fast forward your business to get ahead of your rivals. Find a perfect blockchain technology solution for diverse industries to create a fast, secure and transparent identity for your business.

POC Development

Elaborate Proof of concept services to showcase the technical viability of a product and its market potential.

Private Blockchain Development

Build permissioned private Blockchain applications for any industry and save on infrastructure and operational costs.

Smart Contract Development

Design, development, audit, and optimization of self-executing coded business contracts to automate processes.

Blockchain Consulting

Strategic advice on successful employment of Blockchain technology to optimize the potential outcomes.

Hyperledger Development

Unlock the potential of open source Blockchains and tools for collaborative development with distributed ledgers.

Supply Chain Development

Improve transparency and traceability and reduce administrative costs with effective supply chain solutions.

Android App Development

Android – a fastest growing operating system of smart phone devices has been popular with its each update. Its versatile, user friendly applications & flexibility has made it more favorite. Our expert team having updated knowledge of latest android release invents profitable android apps.

Ambis Technology renowned Android app development Company offering professional android app development services. Our Professional team of android app Developers perform deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations. Accessing wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are powerful and scalable for any android devices. We are providing android application development service globally.

We at Ambis Technology conceptualize, design, develop, test and deploy as per your demand. By using our services, you can expect:

  • Confidentiality of information & Data
  • Understanding app development idea
  • Research & analysis of App requirements
  • Expert developers
  • Customer centric procedure
  • Accurate and user-friendly apps
  • Pronounceable qualitative development process

Ambis Technology offers cost efficient and reliable android app development services. To meet your business objectives, our expert team provides amidst solutions. Acute knowledge, influencing abilities and proficiency in developing android applications are some distinctive features of our android app developers that make our company incomparable. Developing apps in almost all android OS versions for years, we are now expert in building Android apps. Have an App Idea? Share it with us and Experience our quality & reliable Service Today!!

iOS App Development

iPhone is a notable and far-famed mobile device used by the smartphone lovers across the world. The immense demand of it gives a straight away signal that not only assures good return on investment for the application development but also does well for the users.

Ambis Technology is a prominent iPhone application development Company that offers top-notch, flawless and dynamic iPhone application development services all around the globe. Considering the necessary and sufficient requirements of the clients, we offer to build variety of enriched iPhone apps. Our work-flow model is totally selective and quality oriented. It assures practical and profitable outcomes overall.

A Comprehensive iOS App Development Methodology:

We provide a comprehensive iPhone app development process with customer centric approach. For every project we perform following procedures:

  • Define project scope
  • Assess feasibility within budget
  • Analysis & Planning
  • App coding as per guidelines of Apple
  • Regular customer demonstration and feedback

Our Capabilities:

  • Work exclusively on iPhone SDK
  • Knowledge of using iPhone simulators
  • Explore best features of latest version of iOS and iPhone
  • Best Rated for mobile development by 50+ clients on over 100+ projects.
  • Efficient UI for your app

Hybrid App Development

A hybrid application is an application which is not only android bases or IOS based it is website based too.

Our application can survive not only on on prim but also on cloud too. Why a hybrid application?

  • The rate to develop a hybrid app is faster than that of a native app.
  • The code is written using web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc. as a result we get a software which are compatible with IOS, Android and web software.
  • The main advantage is a user can experience very close to native using UI elements that mimic native app behavior.
  • It has access to the smartphone's hardware API's (camera, push notifications, geolocation and others).
  • It is far more affordable than a native app.
  • It has a better UI/UX design
  • A browser is not required as opposed to a web app

We are now offering all kinds of hybrid applications as we know the use of the end user. We never know when and where we would be needing to use this application so we have started using the hybrid applications ourselves. As all the data will be available so one would not hesitate in opening the application on a website too though he/she won't need a browser the do so.

Drupal Development

Drupal is nothing but a platform used to create websites that serve any business or private purpose. It is among the top five platforms that are used today in the world and has a user base counting in thousands.

Drupal provides an easy content management features that have helped it gain such popularity. It is an open source software package that helps you to organize, manage and publish the content of your requirements.

The Company designs Drupal website for varied requirements of diversified clients, which vary from simple CMS to e-Commerce solutions and online magazines. While developing the website, it takes care of cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization and clean codes.

Custom Web Design and Development

Company’ s only objective is to build appealing and user-friendly Drupal websites for valuable clients. The team here is committed to offer fully-customized and functional websites with apt call to action and conversions. The expert team here has experience of working with all types of Drupal CMS websites.

Template Design, Development & Customization

Our Drupal developer team interprets how a user interfaces with and experience your website. We choose from existing themes or tweak them to provide a functionally designed website that best fit your clients. Further, we make it responsive and high performing site with an appreciable user interaction and engagement.

CMS Maintenance and Support

We also provide additional support services in compliance with your unique needs. Our CMS maintenance services include troubleshooting, bug fixes, code fault analysis, upgrades, patches, performance enhancement and optimization, preventive and predictive solutions, 24*7 technical support, and so forth.

E-Commerce Development

Drupal commerce is used by the business and retail industries. We craft and customize your shops, carts, facilitate easy navigation, and payment systems as per your need so as to increase ROI. Our development strategy is budget friendly, generates leads and facilitates conversion tracking.

Magento development

We specialize in Magento designing, Magento Customization, Magento website maintenance, Extension and plug-ins development and other Magento requirements.

Our team of Magento developers renders truly innovative and attention grabbing Magento Ecommerce sites. Magento E-commerce has several features that provides with security, flexibility and enhanced functionality to your website.

Magento E-commerce Store Development

Develop your online store with the best e-commerce platform to match the market trend and customer trust.

Responsive Theme Integration

A flourishing business growth by reaching wider audience through a responsive website for an appealing look and feel on desktop and all smart screens.

Magento Marketplace

Permits Magento website owners to facilitate small or medium size vendors, special & eminent brands with a market place to sell their goods.

Responsive Theme Integration

A flourishing business growth by reaching wider audience through a responsive website for an appealing look and feel on desktop and all smart screens.

Payment Gateway Integration

Secure and user-friendly Payment Gateway Integration supporting all major debit/credit cards, currencies, POS systems.

WordPress development

WordPress is one of the easiest and most powerful content management system that comes with numerous features to make your experience pleasing and appealing. It maintains a worldwide community to help you 24*7. Numerous plugin is available to add-on features on your site. Aark Infosoft offers WordPress development and solutions at cost effective prices and high-end solutions.

WordPress Services

Ambis Technology offers all possible WordPress services ranging from custom WordPress theme development, plugin customization, WordPress speed optimization, SEO, and integration with 3rd party modules and application like Facebook app or for creating Facebook Apps for your WordPress website.

WordPress SEO

Ambis Technology follows the best practices as per the latest strategy to advance your site for web indexes. We work for bringing up the site to its higher ranking through on-page and off-page SEO. We care for relevant keywords, valuable content, website loading time, competitor search, backlinks for the websites, and more.

WordPress Support

We offer quality WordPress support services. Our services include customization of website design, plugins, updates, migration, staging, maintenance and trouble shooting. You may hire us for all services. Our developers have years of experience in providing technical support services and maintain your website match with the pace of the updates

WordPress Design

Design remains our foremost focus. And if you are looking for custom design then you are at right place. We offer WordPress full service that includes a simple blog, brochure, static website to an advanced e-Commerce solution. Further, we maintain aesthetic value and functionality of the website along with uniqueness to stand out from the crowd.

WordPress Customization

WordPress customization is done according to our client requirements. Our developers do it like a piece of art and seamlessly integrates third party plugin and module to your site suitably and perfectionally.

WordPress Maintenance and Support

We do understand not our all clients are technical sound to maintain his site and store single handedly n neither do all clients have time to update and maintain them. Look nowhere and Hire us for all maintenance and support needed.

WordPress Bug Fixing

For all the bugs and issues relating to your present WordPress website, our team of experts are here to help you with their experience to get you out from your trap. Hire us and we will fix your WordPress website and make it work smoothly.

Joomla Development

Ambis Technology as a Joomla Development Company offering varied Joomla services. Professional Joomla programmers having years of experience are part of the team and offer high-quality solutions. The company helps its clients meet with their objective of online presence.

Ambis Technology renowned Android app development Company offering professional android app development services. Our Professional team of android app Developers perform deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations. Accessing wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are powerful and scalable for any android devices. We are providing android application development service globally.

Joomla Web Development

We provide mobile-friendly and user-friendly web development suitable for your online businesses, enterprises and portals as per the clients’ business-centric needs.

Joomla E-commerce Solutions

We make you sell anything, anywhere with highly customizable and scalable Joomla Shopping cart/E-commerce solutions. We even rebuild your online store with Joomla.

Custom Joomla Website Development

We customize your web development as per the business value. We create a unique and robust website on Joomla which is second to none in the market.

Joomla Module Development

Joomla is user-friendly and extensible. We incorporate the required features the company needs which are different from the available version and create a unique website.

Joomla CMS Development

We empower your online business with powerful websites and web applications which earns higher conversions developed on high quality Joomla Content Management System.

Joomla Portal Development

Our Joomla experts have hands on experience in developing B2B and B2C portal solutions within the stipulated timeframe, budget and customization as per the business value.

Joomla Maintenance Services

We provide Joomla maintenance services with regular support, updates, enhancements, bug fixation, addition of any extensions, and so forth for the websites and applications.