Cloud Operations

Recent stats show that according to 86% of CISO’s (Chief Information Security Officers), their organizations are moving to the cloud. It is expected that this transformation will continue across many more businesses.
Ambis Technology helps such businesses either through a new set-up or by transitioning their already existing data centers, to a highly available and secure cloud environment. Ambis Technology, through their Equinix Data Center, offer rack spaces, either for rent or for sale. There are various options like 3 year lease or tenet based systems that customers can opt for. Ambis Technology also supports customer hosted hardware apart from web-services which includes hosting websites, custom apps and emails.
The following are the different types of cloud services:
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS):
Data Centers are not only expensive but require a skill pool for setting it up, running and maintaining it. IaaS includes servers, memory and storage that allow a customer to scale up or down as required. It can be used by customers to run their own software with only the amount of resource that is needed at a given moment in time. There is no Capex upfront, IaaS is an operating expense. There is no risk of obsolescence or a requirement of constant upgrades. This is done by your service provider. Small businesses can take advantage of this and fill in the technology gap resulting in a more efficient delivery in products and services they offer. The previous mind set of in-house infrastructure is getting erased and will soon be completely replaced by the cloud.
Middleware as a Service (MWaaS):
MWaaS allows users to use the cloud infrastructure and develop neoteric applications without the need to have the software or infrastructure purchased exclusively. MWaaS essentially provides anything to support how an enterprise or individual builds and delivers web applications and services in the Cloud. As of today, we can find companies providing application level support without the platform to do so using a cloud. We see numerous companies offering web design services using just the cloud in the background. No upfront investment is required for the research, development or setting up of the platforms, just you need to get straight into the business end and you are as good as anyone in the world to start providing your business expertise.
SaaS (Software as a Service):
This software distribution model delivers software hosted by vendors, over the Internet (typically) without the need to install applications on computers at your respective enterprises. They are run from a centralized location on the cloud, such that the software can be accessed from any location over the Internet anytime with any amount of access. Simplifying maintenance and are pay-as-you-go kind of a service. This has a huge impact on the monthly billing of contracts and the post business operations, saving a lump sum amount making it very light on your pockets. Pay for what you use is a predictable and flexible model. This favors the smaller businesses as they don’t have the resources or excess cash flow to handle fluctuations in budgeting.
This calls for a complete application development and deployment environment. It delivers the entire runtime environment comprised of all necessary services to deploy and run enterprise-class applications. This facilitates cheaper and faster deployment of the entire IT infrastructure as developers need not deal with the complexities of the underlying hardware and software components.

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