Microsoft Office 365

Office 365 With Cloud Solutions Advantages

From making it easier for you to manage your services to assigning subscription levels for every user, Office 365 is a revolutionary experience that delivers the right productivity tools for better mobility, reliability, and performance. The right capabilities can help you make the most of Office 365.

Round-the-clock access

Store and edit your data on the go with Microsoft OneDrive. Connect with employees from anywhere anytime with similar features, including Calendar and Newsfeed.

Communication and collaboration

Access highly sophisticated communication tools to keep your stakeholders connected.

Increased productivity

Boost employee productivity with cutting-edge tools, such as Microsoft Word, Tasks, Excel, and OneNote.

Security and control

Build a secure workspace and get full control of your account.

With Office 365, migration of email, calendar, and contact data from existing messages is easier. However, unless handled by an experienced Office 365 India team, the migration may involve lots of complicated steps, resulting in security and compliance issues. Besides, there could be other problems, such as retention policy, hybrid prerequisites, and bandwidth concerns.

Backed by our decades of experience, Ambis Technology knows the benefits of a hybrid solution like Office 365 to your organization. We offer comprehensible administration and reliable support for Office 365 integration with your existing directory services.