Annual Maintenance Contract

“We assure, our commitments are a reality”

Worried when your server goes down? Put aside all your worries with Annual Maintenance Services provided by prologix.

Ambis Technology Annual Maintenance Contract services provide you with plethora of options to ensure that your IT department is up and running. Being one of the leading IT service providers, we promote technology as a facilitator to your business. Our pool of multitalented certified engineers enables us to provide optimum IT support services for your system.

Hard Drive Failure

Hard drive issues, starting from file system corruption to actual physical failure, most common points of failure in data storage occurs this way. We understand the value that your data possesses and hence we offer the best data recovery services.

Data Backup & Data Transfer

The first step towards data protection is data backup. If you have two copies of your data, it is much harder to lose it. We can design and install a backup scheme that fits your needs and budget. We'll install software, update your applications, move your files from your old computer to your new one, network your systems and configure your printer. Also, we make sure to keep your files in the same format and folder structure so that you can navigate and access your files easily.

We are with you in the Crisis Hour

At the time of an infrastructure shut-down, your business network may just go down and you need to bring it up fast and keep it running. Sometimes your server might crash, your hard drive may freeze, your RAID configuration may malfunction, or your operating system may act erratic. Perhaps you are facing a critical deadline on a project, or you may be needing to deliver a product or service immediately.

We will assess your IT problems and alleviate your emergency. We have the tools, the knowledge, the resources and the staff to resolve every IT emergency, no matter how difficult or complex it may seem.

We will reach you and work quickly and professionally, and support you with the knowledge. We need to be on top of the IT challenges so that we are able to resolve minor problems on our own. Our tech savvies deliver many custom-made services, and after the issue is resolved they are always just a phone call away, or an email, away from answering any follow up questions you may have.

We respect your confidential and private information. Know how important confidentiality is to you, whether it’s business or personal data, or both. Our tech savvies have the training and the tools necessary to protect and secure your professionally sensitive and private data.