Cloud Security


Lower cost, better productivity, and faster time to market are some of the advantages of cloud computing. On top of it, security in the cloud does not involve costs of maintaining facilities, storage devices, physical servers, and hardware. Unfortunately, the security of data is a key roadblock in cloud adoption for IT. Luckily, cloud security India services follow best practices to safeguard your cloud data from cyber attacks.

When moving to the cloud, it is important to review your security and take corrective measures to operate securely. A sub-domain of information security, cloud computing security is a set of procedures and controls designed to provide information security assurance and protect apps, data, and infrastructure in a cloud computing environment.

Cloud security involves taking adequate preventative measures to ensure

  • Safety of data and systems
  • No uncertainty happens
  • Timely action in the event of an attack
  • Timely response to unexpected events.

From revenue losses to loss of customer trust, reputation, and contractual breaches, a cloud computing breach could put your business at risk.

How to Ensure Cloud Security in India IT Industry

The whole idea behind cloud security India services is to

  • Identify threats and reduce potential risks

Insecure APIs, malicious insiders, and weak identity and credentials management are a huge threat to your cloud data. By preventing unauthorized access to the data by adopting a data-centric approach and taking steps to encrypt data, you can strengthen the authorization process. Any potential risk can be reduced by using strong passwords and 2 factor authentication.

  • Evaluate existing security controls

Monitoring what’s going on in your cloud environment is essential to inhibit the effect of a potential security breach. It is critically important to evaluate existing security controls to ensure your cloud environment is all braced up to ward off the risk of a cyber attack. A unified cloud management platform is one of the best ways to monitor each resource in the cloud environment.

  • Improve cloud computing security posture

It is important to identify what lies inside your cloud. When it comes to downloading a software app from an external source, you ought to explore its origin to find who built them and where it has come from. This type of investigation will also help you find whether there is any malicious code inside the app. In order to improve cloud computing security, the best way is to obtain software from trusted sources that promise automatic timely updates.

  • Raise the awareness and adoption of cloud security India features

The benefits of cloud computing cannot be ignored, but its adoption continues to be a big challenge, especially among small enterprises. The whole idea is to raise awareness of cloud security among small businesses and improve its adoption rate. At Ambis Technology, we understand the power of cloud computing for your business and can help your adoption of technology to safeguard your critical information in the cloud environment.

  • Create a strategy to align cloud security administrative configurations with industry best practices