Cloud Assessment

Benefits of Cloud Assessment

Ambis Technology’s cloud assessment India service is a form of analysis of data and cost of migration to the cloud. Once assessment is made, recommendations to simplify and accelerate the process of cloud migration are made.  Typically, the aim of this service is to determine cloud configurations of right size for your business.

The focus of our cloud assessment service is on making an assessment of your cloud needs and helping you understand which of your apps and infrastructure should be moved to the cloud. We will also come up with a data and cost analysis to configure optimum cloud configurations. This is critical to helping you make an informed decision on your cloud migration strategy. This should clear your doubts regarding your cloud total cost of ownership.

Some of the top benefits of cloud assessment include:

  • Agile transformation and app development
  • Optimized cloud strategy
  • Improved scalability of business apps
  • Flexible transformation
  • Easy to adapt to the changing business environment
  • Less infrastructure complexity

The Ambis Technology Cloud Assessment India Advantage

While on-premise apps are costly to upgrade and maintain, the solution lies in moving to the cloud. However, you may need the right guidance to transition to the cloud environment and understand the apps that work best for the cloud. With Ambis Technology’s cloud assessment India guidance, we can help enhance user adoption for the cloud and make the task smooth and effortless.

We pride ourselves on being your best guide to enterprise cloud migration. We can help:

  • Do a detailed technology ready assessment of your business
  • Find cloud compatibility of your business
  • Make an informed decision about moving to the cloud and reduce risks associated with adoption and migration
  • Guide your transition to the cloud with a lower total cost of IT investment
  • Do a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis to determine the cost of migration and cloud strategy
  • Ensure a proper alignment of business and cloud computing strategies
  • Provide precise information on migration to the cloud
  • Do a detailed comparison on the cost of adoption of public cloud services, depending on your configurations
  • Right-size your cloud
  • Confirm your storage options and capacity in the cloud, depending on peak RAM usage and requirements

Our cloud assessment India strategy focuses on great return business transformation, delivering the promise of cloud adoption. With a promise to make the cloud migration journey hassle free so you can securely reap the rewards of cloud implementation, our team of experts leverages best practices, frameworks, and tools to open up the world of cloud opportunities for you.

We streamline your infrastructure in the cloud, opening up the channels of effortless cloud adoption and creating an optimal environment in the cloud. The idea is to help you reap quick returns on investment with significant cost efficiencies. Your cloud safety and security is a high priority on our cloud assessment India strategy, and we back it with HIPAA and other compliance standards.