Disaster Recovery


Apart from natural disasters, various types of human errors, terrorist incidents, civil disturbances, and ransomware can cause datacenter outages. In the event of a disaster, a business that lacks an effective cloud disaster recovery solution runs the risk of reputation loss, loss of customer trust and loyalty, and loss of valuable data, time, and money.You want to enjoy uninterrupted access to your critical business data. Additionally, you want to protect your customer data. So it is critically important to plan ahead to get your IT systems back on track after an outage. Backups alone may not be the solution. So what is the way out? Well, you’ll need a way to ensure unhindered communication within the organization even when the communication lines and networks are interrupted. Besides, you’ll need to ensure meeting security and compliance obligations. Ambis Technology’s cloud disaster recovery solution is exactly what you need to lower the cost of data migration to and from the cloud while ensuring reduced impact on your production system.

Our comprehensive suite of cloud disaster recovery India solution is backed by top end-to-end managed services. This ensures that your mission critical systems continue to operate even in adverse circumstances. Reliable cloud disaster recovery solutions ensure services continuity in times of a hardware or software failure.

If you are considering the cloud for data protection as part of the bigger data recovery plan, then Ambis Technology has got you covered. Business continuity is just a click away with Ambis Technology’s cost-effective disaster recovery technology that ensures protection to your production apps in the cloud.

With cloud disaster recovery services, you can effortlessly replace data centers while benefitting from cloud automation.

The Ambis Technology Advantage –Making Disaster Recovery Painless 

Get back to business Instantly

With Ambis Technology’s cloud disaster recovery India solution, getting back to track is a matter of minutes in times of a site outage. We will quickly switch your production workload to the cloud recovery site.

Automate disaster recovery

Our disaster recovery mission is to automate key disaster recovery scenarios, ensuring the efficient recovery of systems to address interdependence between apps.

App-level replication

We will securely host replicas of all your critical data in the virtual machines in the cloud, ensuring effortless recovery in times of need.

Enjoy hassle-free access to recovery servers

Let Ambis Technology’s disaster recovery India solution simplifies failover of multiple machines to the recovery site. We will make it simple to extend your network to the recovery site while providing unhindered and transparent access to cloud servers in failover mode.

Benefit from Ambis Technology’s disaster recovery India expertise to enjoy hassle-free access to mission critical data in the cloud, short recovery times in the event of a disaster, and lower cost of migration to and from the cloud.