Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure India Services: What We Can Do For You

Enterprises are under pressure to become more agile and harness the power of the cloud. It is here that Microsoft Azure can fit in,  since it offers IaaS and PaaS and allows you to manage apps to maximize productivity.
Leverage our expertise in building innovative solutions in Microsoft Azure so you can optimize the benefits accruing from the platform.


With Ambis Technology’s Microsoft Azure India cloud services, you can benefit from Azure’s integrated security services that include unmatched security intelligence to identify threats early and quickly respond to them and thus protect your data and infrastructure from malicious threats. Besides, we can enable advanced threat protection to your data in hybrid environments in the cloud.

Maximize productivity

Benefit from improved efficiency and gain from increased productivity from the true hybrid cloud experience that Azure provides. The single vendor platform is set across all data centers, including cloud and on-premises, empowering developers to build and deploy apps the same way everywhere. To meet your industry needs, Ambis Technology can provide you with a fully managed solution on-premises or in remote locations.

Deliver value

With our Microsoft Azure India services, it is easier for clients to bring together everything on a single platform, including products, processes, and people. This will help you deliver value to end users in an uninterrupted way.

Seamless transition

With Azure SQL Database, clients don’t need to change apps while migrating to the database, since it is a relational cloud database. Ambis Technology can help you effortlessly move apps from legacy environments to the cloud.

It is as easy as connecting your data to artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities. This approach will help maximize performance, protect data, and accelerate application development with the benefit of low maintenance of Azure cloud. With Ambis Technology, you can combine the capabilities of Azure SQL Database with Microsoft data platform, so you can use, manage, and maintain all of your data.

The Ambis Technology Advantage

With some of the best Microsoft Azure India cloud capabilities, Ambis Technology promises to be the top choice to solve some of the toughest business problems.
Being a proud Microsoft partner, Ambis Technology shares its cloud-first vision. Leverage our expertise to secure, integrate, and architect Microsoft cloud solutions. We pride ourselves on our application modernization and cloud expertise to help clients modernize apps and accomplish goals. With flexible managed services, we offer you plenty of options to meet your evolving business needs.
Besides, we are focused on helping you drive value while reducing operational expenditure. Leverage our public, private, and hybrid cloud experience to maximize efficiency, improve performance, agility, and productivity, scale easily, raise capacity of existing infrastructure, and reduce costs.