Security Assessment


Can you identify your critical information assets? This includes critical data whose exposure could seriously impact your business operations, growth prospects, and income potential. IT security assessment is done to identify threats that could negatively impact the ability of those business functions. When you are aware of what you need to protect, it will become easier to develop strategies.

By performing an IT security assessment, you can get a clear view of the application portfolio from the perspective of a cyber criminal or hacker. So your managers can make informed decisions regarding resource allocation.


  • Identification

It begins with determining critical assets, diagnosis of sensitive data, and creation of risk profile for each. Penetration testing, information security testing and evaluation, and automated vulnerability scanning are some of the tools to assess an IT security threat.

  • Assessment

A cyber attack can result in the loss of critical information, integrity, or confidentiality. Your IT security risk assessment team can qualitatively assess the threat as low, medium, or high.

Assess identified risks for critical assets and determine steps to effectively allocate resources to mitigate risk while analyzing the correlation between threats and assets as well as risk mitigating measures.

  • Mitigation

Your next step is to estimate the risk of occurrence of each security threat. Enforce security controls to mitigate each risk.

  • Prevention

Take steps to implement processes that will help minimize threat.  When it comes to information security services, you company is faced with security risk daily from internal threats or external intrusions.


Physical security must be correctly implemented to prevent criminals from sneaking into your systems and steal what they want. Such action would render all security measures, firewalls, and cryptography useless. It is critically important to safeguard all forms of digital and physical assets to prevent significant monetary losses and criminal or civil penalties for negligence.

Physical security audits are essential to uncover problems associated with security. A comprehensive physical inspection of security controls and organizational assets is called physical security assessment. It may include an intensive inspection and analysis of security controls, including alarm systems, intelligent locks, human guards, fences, and CCTV system. Such physical security India audits are critical to finding flaws and deficiencies in security systems so that you can easily resolve them. A robust security system is necessary to safeguard your assets and strategic or sensitive information.

  • Access control
  • CCTV

THE Ambis Technology ADVANTAGE

Our IT security consultants evaluate security products and help you every step of the way to assess security controls.

At Ambis Technology, we apply decades of IT security risk assessment expertise to help clients identify vulnerabilities and implement data breach prevention practices to secure your sensitive information. We pride ourselves on our cutting-edge technology to perform security assessments in India. Our IT security experts employ industry best practices and tested techniques to

  • Help determine methods to manage data security risk
  • Identify and analyze vulnerabilities
  • Detect potential data security compliance issues
  • Create an effective remediation plan based on your goals