Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 India Services

Microsoft 365 is a software solution with Microsoft Office. The comprehensive package includes file storage, Word, email, Excel, PowerPoint, and mobile apps. If you have been looking for a growth vehicle for your business, the cloud-based Microsoft 365 can enable better communication and collaboration within the organization through seamless information streams from top to bottom and bottom-up, meet your security needs, and improve user productivity.
With Microsoft 365, you can pool resources with leading-edge user-friendly tools that are accessible anywhere any time. It is possible to install Microsoft 365 in five devices and access the same from multiple locations, ensuring no delays and timely submissions. With Microsoft 365 India, employees and partners can work on the same document from different parts of the world, delegate tasks, and save updated files in real time. Some other benefits include:
  • Control identity as well as access in the world wide web
  • Manage mobile devices and applications in the cloud
  • Enable secured collaboration
  • Get complete identity-driven security against advanced cyber attacks
  • Protect corporate data and sensitive information
  • Manage Windows desktops across a range of devices

Managed Microsoft 365 India Services

Microsoft 365 combines the most powerful Microsoft tools under one umbrella, making access to critical data easier through the cloud. Ambis Technology can manage the entire Microsoft 365 platform setup and maintenance with different plans and deployment options, so you do not have to waste time on administrative IT tasks and can seamlessly focus on your core business. Our key managed Microsoft India service areas include:
  • Microsoft 365 implementation
  • Microsoft 365 optimization
  • Microsoft 365 consulting services
  • Microsoft 365 training & testing
  • Microsoft 365 enterprise support services
  • Microsoft 365 migration services
With Microsoft 365 India services, it is easier to run effective Skype meetings and manage secured content with the all-inclusive software. Let our Microsoft 365 experts be your Microsoft product deployment partners, making life easier for your employees through our expertise and skills and adding new dimension to your productivity. We have access to all the tools required to get the work done smoothly.
All organizations can suffer immensely from disruption and discontinuity in work. However, Microsoft 365 suite comes up with the promise of a transformative solution that presents you with enterprise-ready and business-friendly solutions. As a leading Microsoft reseller, Ambis Technology can play a crucial role in the deployment of a subscription-based gateway. Let us deploy identity-driven innovations to secure your cloud environment so you can optimize your favorite apps.
Ambis Technology’s Microsoft 365 India services are backed by extensive Microsoft 365 knowledge to facilitate communication and collaboration all through the enterprise. We use a well-tested framework to customize your office in the cloud.
Microsoft 365 platform can seamlessly integrate with different software apps. Our consulting services are designed to help clients effortlessly configure, implement, and deploy the cloud-based program.  With Microsoft 365, you can generate higher productivity and efficiency, enable employees to collaborate and share information while on the move.
With Ambis Technology’s managed Microsoft 365 India services, clients can benefit from guaranteed 99.9% uptime, scalability, low upfront costs, and organic delivery mechanisms. So what are you waiting for? Spearhead business growth by leveraging Ambis Technology’s managed Microsoft 365 India services and safeguard your business from external threats with integrated privacy and compliance tools.