Wireless Security


A weak wireless network is easy to compromise. Even a less experienced hacker can launch wireless packet flood against your business by exposing vulnerabilities in your wireless network.

Wireless network security in India is the process to add, implement, and maintain security on a wireless network. The process is all about probing the network for weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could compromise your security defense.  It begins with assessing the security of your infrastructure. The whole idea is to design a roadmap to

  • Prevent unauthorized access to your wireless access points
  • Identify rogue access points and wireless attack vectors
  • Locate ad-hoc networks
  • Validate strengths/weaknesses of the infrastructure


Bad guys or hackers can easily exploit vulnerabilities in a network. A poor Wi-Fi design decision could make your network prone to an attack. Since most wireless devices automatically remember the password, it takes a few seconds to log in. This gives hackers access to your encrypted password.

A well-built wireless network security India solution can prevent potential hacking attempts. Here is what Ambis Technology can do for you.

Networking Security

The focus is to find the best fit network solution and align the same with your core business processes. At Ambis Technology, we focus on leveraging network strategies that drive a lower total cost of ownership for customers through improved security and maximized up-time. The idea is to ensure that your data does not accumulate to outgrow the capacity of your network and system so that it is safe from prying eyes.

Internet Security Solutions

When it comes to deploying wireless network security India solutions, Ambis Technology can help you

  • Manage risk throughout security domains
  • Lower the cost of your security operations
  • Identify and mitigate security risks and vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the risk of identity theft and cost of access management
  • Mitigate the risk from app-level weaknesses or vulnerabilities

Wireless Security Access

Ambis Technology is your security partner in streamlining security policy management and lowering the cost of operations. We have tools to enable you to see user and device control access across all wireless and wired networks.