Customer Relationship Management


Ambis Technology offers you the best CRM in India, that will help your business build better relationships with clients and boost core business activities. Being a leading CRM software provider in India, we ensure that our CRM solutions are tailored with design and functionality to meet all your business needs. Ambis Technology’s CRM Software is strongly produced with the most robust IT Infrastructure in India.Hence the CRM Software’s are efficient enough to handle all customer related business operations.

With experience and skills behind our legacy, we ensure that we provide the right CRM solution in India. Our software will help your business step up to the next level by smoothly managing interactions with existing and future potential customers. Boost and control business sales. In short our CRM software will help your business in India better organize, automate and coordinate sales along with marketing your services that connects with your customers.

Thus our CRM software helps to improvise the sales process without hindering marketing which is a significant part of your business. An ideal CRM solution should have the ability to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs of different companies and organizations. Our SAP ERP systems in India are designed to deliver functions and programs which ensure that the ultimate solution provided is reliant and robust. The CRM solutions that we provide are developed, upgraded, and updated to cater to the evolving needs of our clients, with an aim to improve customer satisfaction, improve bottom line, and maximize profits.


A CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) is a business application that involves building customer loyalty, brand value and customer relationship through targeted marketing strategies and activities. Our CRM solutions in India that are catered specially for businesses operating in India, help clients identify, understand and focus on providing better services and building customer long term relationships.
Our CRM Software provides you functionalities that’s needed for your business and can help your business easily maintain the flow. With a fully customizable interface and built in powerful business tools, our CRM software is robust enough to improvise business processes, offer better customer service, increase revenues, reduce inefficiencies and improve customer experience. The software thus helps you make critical decisions by analysing business processes depicted by a CRM interface.

Leverage the benefits of the CRM software that we provide for your business in India. Our CRM software comes with the following benefits :-

  • Get intimate with customers
  • Save customer details and their interactions
  • Consolidate customer data into a single platform to be used for targeted marketing
  • Get timely and reliable insight into customer management processes to make better business decisions
  • Connect with and understand potential customers
  • Better manage leads, prospects, and customers
  • Maximize sales, generate more leads

As a salesforce partner and a leading CRM solution provider in India , our software will provide an interactive, engaging and a robust CRM platform that easily helps to raise sales force automation to a new level. Thus our software helps to curb redundancy and automatically keeps a track on all contacts and follow ups.

Our CRM software has been standardized to the industry standards that ensures all the essential tools and technicalities are imbibed perfectly. All the aspects implemented in our CRM solutions have been crafted adequately to boost business leads and improvise customer experience. Our CRM application features an array of cloud-based tools, so your team has access to the best technology to keep the pipeline full with solid leads and enhance productivity.

Thus make use of CRM software solutions if your business needs to improve customer service that’s more intuitive, responsive and well supported. Utilize our software to make the most of every customer interaction to deliver an unmatched brand experience to customers across the web, mobile, email and social networks.



When customers interact with your brand they expect a hassle free experience, our CRM software ensures that the interaction with your customers remain fruitful and productive. As a reliable CRM solution provider in India , we design software’s that can be easily integrated with enterprise applications to make business operations more efficient and improve the buyer’s journey with you. We ensure that our CRM software in India enables easy customer interaction in addition with our main goal to streamline business operations.

Our CRM software provides your business with a range of deployment options that will help you take advantage of the best recommended industry practices needed to be competent enough for your business. This will enhance cross channel customer experience, automating workflow processes and helping managers seamlessly track employee performance and productivity metrics based on the details logged in the system.

Enjoy the benefits of our sap ERP based software solutions in India to connect with customers and business prospects, achieve better customer insights, build brand awareness and offer a seamless brand experience.

Take the benefit of our power packed SAP ERP software in India to connect with customers and business prospects, achieve better customer insights, build brand awareness and offer a seamless brand experience.ERP