Document Management

Our Doccept integrated document management solution is designed to

  • Boost efficiency
  • Reduce cost
  • Streamline business processes
  • Boost throughput
  • Assure secure access to data

The multi-user document management software helps businesses streamline processes and become more secure and organized.


An electronic document management solution is designed to simplify the file storage, maintenance, and retrieval. These tools use powerful optical character recognition, which has the capability to read contents of each document. It is easier for employees to search for all documents using specific key words.

When you have Doccept India handy, you can empower your employees with the information they need to improve efficiency and productivity, assure secure access to data, and create clear audit trails. Doccept Workflow is designed to give your business an edge to automate processes, manage workflow, update documents within the system, and route documents for further action.

Content Management Systems (CMS): Manage your documents, images, videos and all other media and allow users to upload, alter, remove, and publish content. Manage your personal or corporate websites and blogs with our CMS.

Enterprise Content Management Systems: Organize your managed files around processes and principles of your organization. These systems incorporate business knowledge and logic into their structure & workflows.

Document Imaging Systems: This feature allows you to capture, store, and reprint document images. You can manage all your document specific images with our document imaging system.

Records Management Systems: It is important to focus on the lifecycle of an organization’s most important data records. It is often put in place to ensure regulatory compliance.

Workflow Management Systems: Control and coordinate your document flow to the right people or systems at the right time depending on the current step in the workflow. Automate, codify, and enforce an organization’s workflow processes.

With Doccept India, a business can

  • Automatically schedule distribution of items based on specific conditions
  • Create custom rules to process content
  • Monitor workflow progress directly through the dashboard
  • Receive notification of workflow alerts in real time
  • Support existing apps and integrate with popular business programs


When you have a digital document management solution India, your organization can better manage data, work more efficiently, and accomplish cost savings because the tool is highly configurable and customizable. The web-enabled solution requires no installation and is easy to use.

Doccept India takes advantage of jBPM open source solution. This enables you to customize reports and develop workflows and efficiently disseminate information across the organization.


Doccept India does not have a long learning curve. This means you don’t have to spend too much time on training employees. Users can effortlessly find the required tools, without too much effort. The solution makes it easier to access documents in real time, so you can review progress reports.


Integration with third-party tools is quick and easy. It comes complete with a detailed API guide that directs you how to proceed. Doccept DMS India supports integrations with Active Directory servers and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP).


With Doccept, you can review current activity in an instant without a glitch. This includes an estimate on the amount of storage used, file and document types, and fresh email messages. The solution also gives you information on any updates on previous documents. It enables you to automate documents and get real-time reports on actions.

At Ambis Technology, we believe that Doccept DMS India is the best tool to transition to a paperless office and streamline processes with intelligent rules. The tool is easy to customize. There is no limit on the number of users, documents, workgroups, and metadata properties. Doccept document management software improves data records, reduces cost of storage, improves easy access to information, and makes business processes smooth. It has strong security features, which lower the cost of regulatory compliance, ensuring secure access to mobile content.