Security Consulting Services


Whether you are trying to understand your company’s security situation or regulation compliance, you can depend on Ambis Technology’s security consulting services in India. We have the expertise to help reduce information security risk and improve your IT security position, with a focus on facilitating regulatory compliance and improving operational efficiency.

Ambis Technology has a staff of highly experienced and certified security professionals that are here to help with your IT security needs. Whether project based, long or short term, we can keep your IT organization running smoothly.


Identify and Prioritize Risk

It is important to find any existing holes or vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources in your organization. Ambis Technology’s security consulting practices in India are designed to optimize your security mix and address key risks that pose a threat to your business. We can help you make informed decisions and architect an optimal remediation approach.

Security review and consultation

Our security consulting services in India can help you create a robust security environment to build a foundation for your strategic security programs. We work as part of your internal security team, customizing our security services to fit your needs.

Security awareness training for IT departments and end users

Raising security awareness of employees about different security dangers, such as phishing, wireless network security, physical security, malware, desktop security, and interacting with suspicious links, is one of the best ways to safeguard your business. Security awareness training will make users feel empowered to contribute to the security of the organization and creating a more secure environment.

IT Security Policy and Operational Procedures

The prime focus of our security consulting services in India is to ensure that security policies and operational procedures are in place in your enterprise. It is meant to ensure high security in the information processing facility, protecting and controlling sensitive assets. This contributes to a safe and secure organization.

Long-Term Contract (AMC) Security Maintenance

Our AMC or annual maintenance contract offers you the best solution to keep your systems up and running and secure. Our experienced staff ensures that any potential security issues are identified and handled in time to prevent any adverse effect on your business.

Managed Services – Security Review, Monitoring and Management

Our mission is to provide constant security support for your enterprise. Our managed security services are designed to provide you with the right security solution to overcome any potential network security challenges or risks. Ambis Technology’s security consulting service team can guide you through different security services to meet compliance, manage firewall, and monitor log to better protect your network.